Beronia Rueda

Beronia Rueda is the expression of Verdejo. Equipped with the latest technology and state-of-the-art facilities, the Beronia Rueda winery is located in the heart of Rueda and boasts a combination of the finest materials for fermentation and innovative techniques to create unique complex wines.

The two vineyard estates Finca La Perdiz and Finca El Torrejon, where the Verdejo grapes are cultivated for Beronia Rueda make up 65 hectares of owned vineyard, both with distinctive characteristics designed to enhance the unique Beronia Rueda style; Finca La Perdiz in the northern part of the DO where the sandy soil produces grapes that add complexity, and Finca El Torrejón in the south of the DO where grapes grow on clay and chalk soil adding rich aromas to the wine.

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