Fundador, the first Spanish brandy.

Pedro Domecq was founded in Jerez de la Frontera in 1730 to craft and export Sherry. In the late 1800s the company was asked to produce 500 wine casks of the best wine spirit for a merchant in Amsterdam. Don Pedro Domecq used the best pot stills available and the most advanced techniques and after two years he was able to produce the best quality wine spirit possible. However these techniques were extremely expensive and the merchant could not pay the high price. As a result the spirit remained in wine casks in the cellars in Jerez. Five years later Don Pedro tasted this spirit and realized that the contact of the spirit with the seasoned oak gave a dark color and ennobling aromas, producing a brandy with great character. This discovery opened the doors to new market horizons and in 1874 Fundador, the first and most original Spanish brandy was born.

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